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Palazzo Romagnoli is full of hidden treasures, first among them is the building itself.
Built in the most ancient part of the town and renovated in the XVIII century, it was eventually restored and opened to the public in 2013.
It now hosts a permanent exhibition about "il Novecento" (the 1900s), which is divided in 4 parts: Collezione Verzocchi, Wildt, Morandi and La Grande Romagna.
The first part is undoubtedly the most important and was created after a project by Verzocchi himself. The entrepreneur had asked many artists active in that period to paint on the theme of "work", so that he could collect the paintings in  an exhibition.
The visitors will be presented with two different perspectives on the theme. On one hand the hard work with its sacrifices and sense of duty, that compares people to machines in restless movement.
On the other hand, work also means patience, courage, strength, ability, and even poetry can be found in the places where it is practised, like a golden field of wheat kissed by the light of a summer's sunset.

The exhibitions continues with the second part, a room dedicated to the sculptor Adolfo Wildt (Milano, 1868 - 1931).
The pieces that can be admired there have been given to our gallery by courtesy of Raniero Paulucci de Calboli.
The third part of the exhibition presents works by Giorgio Morandi (Bologna, 1890 - 1964), some paintings and etchings made by the artist in the 1920s.
There is also a reproduction of his very own atelier, but those interested should visit it quickly as it will be soon moved and replaced by another installation.

Last but not least, the fourth part 'La Grande Romagna' offers a selection of paitings from the municipal gallery concerning the project "Novecento Rivelato".
All of them were created by artists from Romagna who were linked to the main artistic movements of the XX century.

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